ThinkYral, Marketer Speak, Max LukominskyiInterview with Max Lukominskyi, CMO at Evopaper

This week ThinkYral talks to Max Lukominskyi – Chief Marketing Officer at Evopaper, the company behind Slice Planner. Slice Planner is the hybrid paper-digital planning system powered by augmented reality.

Max has been a contributing writer to major media houses and his articles were featured on BBC, The Independent, Business Insider, Thought Catalog, Huffington Post, etc. Max holds a masters degree in economics from the University of Hamburg and has done several certifications form Hubspot and Coursera.

  1. Tell us about your career. How did you break into marketing, and how did you advance to where you are today?
    I actually was not going to become a marketer. However, not long ago I decided to launch a blog and started writing consistently. Eventually, I learned a lot about marketing in the process of developing my own blog. One day I was surprised how much I know about marketing.
  2. What do you enjoy most about your career?
    It is all about creativity and the endless studying.  Good marketers read a lot and think a lot. As a marketer, you always have to look for the better ways of doing business, generate great ideas, and come up with more efficient approaches to the regular things. And this is what I truly love about my occupation.
  3. Describe a typical day of work for you. What are your key responsibilities?
    At the early stage of Slice Planner, I have to combine two major roles and act as both marketing and sales director. There are no two similar days. When you are in-charge of sales and marketing at an early stage startup, you face a lot of different challenges. As a result, there is no “typical day”. I write, I read, I examine data, I reach out to people, I run email marketing campaigns, I optimize, I implement new ideas, I learn new things, I close the deals… just to name a few of my responsibilities. There are lots of them. Really.
  4. What are the most rewarding aspects of your job?
    It is full of freedom. I mean when you are a marketer who is entitled to ensure the growth of the company at its early stages, you have a chance to try various things and apply some “weird” ideas to real life situations. Moreover, everybody is fine with that as long as these actions pay off. And this is basically what I do.
  5. What are the most challenging aspects of your job?
    I have to leave my comfort zone too often. This is the most challenging and the most exciting part of my work.
  6. What is your personal key to success?
    Consistency, focus, and perseverance. These are neither novel nor innovative keys to success. Sadly, people often forget that these are they that let us achieve the massive goals.
  7. What do you consider your greatest achievements in marketing thus far? Biggest setback?
    Kickstarter campaign. During the Slice Planner Kickstarter campaign, I was challenged to boost brand awareness and grow the mailing list within extremely short period, namely 2 months. Moreover, I wasn’t provided with any budget or people to help me. I thought it wouldn’t be possible. Nevertheless, I managed to collect 2637 email addresses in 31 days and eventually convert them into a few hundreds of sales, what was crucial for the successful start of the campaign.
  8. What are some of your personal and/or professional goals for the future?
    I am totally into business, therefore I am certainly willing to expand the business and operate worldwide.
  9. Who has served as the biggest inspirations for your career?
    I guess, it is difficult to distinguish a certain person. At the beginning of the last year I was reading Medium intensively. There were a lot of wise and inspirational words that shaped my ambitions. I believe all those motivational and self-help articles did their job. It turns out, they really work.
  10. What is your favourite pastime? Hobbies.
    I read a lot. I watch soccer games on weekends. And most of all, I do sports. A lot. I go to gym 6 times a week. It helps me relax mentally, get rid of the negative thoughts, and avoid unnecessary anxiety.
  11. What is your advice to those who want to make a career in marketing? What skills must be acquired to get into this field?
    1. Develop your writing skills. They are crucial.
    2. Improve your EQ. Understanding people’s emotions and feelings are vital for a successful marketing career
    3. Never stop studying. Broaden your knowledge in various spheres. Because marketing is not a narrow field.
    4. Learn to leave your comfort zone.
    5. The last but not the least is the ability to act. Commit to bold action.
  12. Do you have a mentor? Do you think having a mentor would add value to one’s career?
    I do not have a mentor. However, I’d like to. Despite that I have not had such an experience, I believe that it is always great to have a person who can guide you through earlier undiscovered things and help to avoid unnecessary mistakes.

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